The LeadHERship Mastermind

with Alison Vidotto MBA

Where Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs
Become Purpose Driven Leaders

The LeadHERship Mastermind

A 12-Month Program For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs

Your Next Step to a Streamlined, Profitable Business and Lifestyle

Is This You?

  • You feel caught up in the mundane tasks that overshadow your business’s true potential.

  • You’ve got a great vision for your business, now you need strategic clarity and an actionable strategic plan.

  • You’re ready to get out of the weeds to grow, scale and make a difference.

  • You want to build a lifestyle where business growth and personal freedom coexist.

Woman smiling at a computer

This Is Me

Every business owner has their struggles.
It can be lonely and overwhelming.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine having:

A Mentor Who’s Been in Your Shoes

A Community
Backing You

Tools to Make the Journey Smoother

That’s The LeadHERship Mastermind.

No fluff. Just straight-up business mentoring.

Ann Dettori - LeadHERship Testimonial

“Alison has been a thoughtful and positive mentor and her insights have consistently transferred into benefits for myself and my business.

As a direct result of working with Alison I have taken the idea of adding a sister company to my typesetting business, from my dreams into reality.”

Ann Dettori, Self-Publishing Expert | Editor | Author
Sahlia Painter

“Alison was an excellent mentor and helped me navigate some big challenges, drawing from her various experiences to provide me with excellent, sound guidance. She was always easy to talk to and whatever the challenge was at the time, I always left feeling equipped and motivated to tackle it head-on.”

Sahlia Painter, Klyp Marketing Agency
Caroline Szellemes

“Alison is what I’d call a warm-hearted sledgehammer. She has a genuine care and concern for the welfare of others and a unique ability to deliver sometimes harsh business realities in a way that doesn’t make you feel small. Since working with Alison, my business has gone from strength to strength.”

Caroline Szellemes, Copywriter | Author
Kirsten Leng

“A total game changer! Hugely valuable practical, transformational tactics we could implement immediately.

You cracked through our overwhelm and gave us the clarity and path, to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, while achieving our business goals. You made us realise we could do it.”

Kirsten Leng
Kelly Alison
“I attribute a great deal of the growth of my business, Edge Makeup to the leadership and business training I have received from Alison.

Her leadership & business workshops have helped me to build a strong foundation for my business as well to guide me through the process of marketing and building an online presence”.

Kelly Alison, Owner & Founder Edge Makeup
Sharon Vornholt

“Working with Alison Vidotto has been pure pleasure. She’s able to break things down, even complex topics, in easy to manage steps. But the thing I love most about her is she’s not afraid to give you constructive feedback when you need it. And she does it in a way that always makes you still feel great about yourself.

Alison puts systems and processes around everything, which has never been my strongest suit. I love that she knows the building blocks for building a business that will stand the test of time. If you’re thinking about working with Alison, I can recommend her wholeheartedly.

Just do it. You won’t regret it.”

Sharon Vornholt, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor

A Word from Alison, Your Business Mentor

Hi, I'm Alison

With 30 years of running businesses, facing highs, lows, and everything in between, I’ve learned the ropes.

Having built a multi-7 figure business, even after facing the brunt of economic downturns, I know a thing or two about resilience and smarts.

Together with my life partner, Louis, we’ve tackled challenges while raising six kids.

That might explain why I value efficiency and clarity.

LeadHERship with Alison Vidotto

Everything is Turbo-charged with AI

Stay Ahead of the Curve:

Latest AI Insights for Your Business Success

The LeadHERship Mastermind lays a solid foundation for your business covering systems, marketing, and other fundamental aspects, but it doesn’t stop there.

  • You’ll also stay ahead of the AI curve, garnering a significant edge in utilizing AI for your business operations.

  • As a member of the mastermind you’ll have complete access to all AI programs and the Thrive! Business Vault membership, ensuring you have the comprehensive support and resources needed for every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

  • With Alison’s adept guidance in AI for Entrepreneurs, you gain full access to invaluable trainings that demystify AI and its application in today’s digital business realm.

Julie Duffy

“Mind. Blown. Before this, AI had seemed like just another distraction. Alison showed me how to use AI to mimic the collaborative experience of working with a highly-trained team. I’ll never fear the blank page again.”

Julie Duffy, Creator of StoryADay
Dr Julie Helmrich Psychologist

“In the world of entrepreneurs there are plenty of people who jump quickly to get ahead of the latest trend. They offer what I consider “superficial” trainings to get everyone up to speed.

Alison Vidotto is different. She dives in deep, studies, applies, studies some more, applies some more. She’s the real deal.”

Dr Julie Helmrich Psychologist, Iron Psych
Dr Kim Drever

“Alison is a master in the art of conversation with ChatGPT. In one hour, she has accelerated my interaction with this awesome and powerful tool.

AI solves the blank page problem and Alison shows us how to craft winning copy.”

Dr Kim Drever, Pediatrician
Pat DeLuca

“Alison’s approach will help me use ChatGPT in my business – for creative and marketing. All I can say is, watch the replay of 5 Steps to Mastering ChatGPT! It’s worth every minute. Alison will show you the potential for using ChatGPT in your business. I can’t wait to learn more!”

Pat DeLuca, Business Consultant
Julie Ann Cairns

“Alison will show you how to use AI to tackle that mountainous to-do list of ALL.THE.THINGS… with results that are so much faster, easier, and even better than you would’ve achieved on your own.

A dream come true for busy entrepreneurs!”

Julie Ann Cairns, author of The Abundance Code
Malene Brune

“Alison saved me hours upon hours of research. Thank you! Her structure and ability to make complicated things simple, is a gift every busy entrepreneur should listen to.

Thank you so much Alison, this has been a game changer for me.”

Malene Brune, PTSDsafe
Larissa Deck

“Alison’s ability to give structure to ChatGPT prompts are game-changing. It’s trivial to generate mountains of great content with AI, and her workshop certainly delivers on that score. But she also teaches you how to wrangle that content into an immediately usable format on every channel to change the lives of your clients. Like I said, game-changing.”

Larissa Deck, In My Own Garden
Natalia Vashkovets-Mawby
“The Megaprompt is a Mega success! Listen to Alison and use her clever systems if you want more time and freedom. If you are using ChatGPT already, chances are you doing it wrong. I certainly did in the beginning and I could not understand what people were raving about. Until this… Thank you, Alison!”
Natalia Vashkovets-Mawby
Imelda Jimenez-LaMar
“Alison’s insights into how to leverage AI for my online business has changed how I approach everything from writing social media content and emails to coming up with blog post ideas. As a solopreneur, it’s been a game changer for how I do everything in my business.”
Imelda Jimenez-LaMar, Sunset Shutterbug Studio

What’s included in

The LeadHERship Mastermind

This isn’t some generic, one-size-fits-all program.

It’s tailored for determined women, offering:

One-on-One Sessions

12 personalized coaching sessions directly with me.

Group Insights

Engage in monthly group sessions, pooling knowledge from fellow driven entrepreneurs.

Focused Strategy

Quarterly virtual gatherings to lay out your next 90 days.

On-the-Go Guidance

Direct access to me
for those burning questions
or sudden ideas.

Resource Goldmine

Expert sessions, tools, and a ton of resources.


And if you hop on board by November 30th? You’ll nab some special bonuses including a deep-dive business strategy session.

Quick FAQs

  • How Long? We’re talking 12 months. Starting in November.
  • How Many Spots? Only 10. I’m committed to providing high-touch support.

  • What Sets This Apart? One word: Mentorship. This isn’t just about group chats. It’s about tailored, one-on-one guidance.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Alison Vidotto - LeadHERship

Business can be like the ocean – sometimes calm, sometimes wild. What makes the difference is having the right crew with you. If you’re ready for the next level, if you believe in hard work matched with smart strategy, I’m here.

Looking to streamline, scale, and succeed on your terms? Let’s chat.

Yes, I’m interested